Cooking Fresh from the Mid-Atlantic COOKING FRESH FROM THE MID-ATLANTIC: Tantalizing recipes, celebrated chefs, and conversations on the essential nature of small-scale farming

Edited by Fran McManus and Wendy Rickard. Foreword by James Howard Kunstler.


From vintage apples to country hams and from blue crabs to Hayman potatoes, the Mid-Atlantic region is home to some of the country’s richest farmland and most flavorful foods. Cooking Fresh from the Mid-Atlantic brings together the farmers, the chefs, the recipes, and the experts so you’ll be cooking fresh every day.

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Authors, farmers, and chefs who contributed to Cooking Fresh from the Mid-Atlantic


José Ramón Andrés
Thomas Bowles
Ann Cashion
David Craig
Roberto Donna
Todd Gray
Huw Griffiths
Jacques Haeringer
Bob Kinkead
Ris Lacoste
Stephen Mangasarian
Brian McBride
Paul Milne
Alex Montiel
Heidi Morf
Nora Pouillon
Robert Ramsey
Dale Reitzer
Barry Rumsey
Andrew Saba
John Shields
Peter Smith
Jimmy Sneed
Martha Hester Stafford
David Stein
Jim Swenson
Cindy Wolf

Mid-Atlantic Farmers and Food Providers:
Heidi Eastham
Paige Hogge
Barbara Huyett
CL Koral
Jim Law
Joy Lokey
Jennifer McCloud
R. Neal Peterson
Joel Salatin
George Swingler
Susan Tedder
Linda Wilson
Ann Harvey Yonkers

Michael Ableman
Michael Appleby
Leslie Bautista
Peter Bloome
Barbara Carlson
William Doherty
George Ellison
John Friedrich
Chris Fullerton
Alexandra Greeley
Jane Guffy
Brian Halweil
Chuck Hassebrook
Elizabeth Henderson
Matthew Hora
John Ikerd
Peter Jaret
Sue Kakuk
James Howard Kunstler
Jeff Mann
Aileen Martin
Peter Mitchell
Geoff Oxnam
Bugs Peterschmidt
Michael Shuman
Ruth Sullivan
John Page Williams